New Orleans Airlift

The New Orleans Airlift was founded in 2007 by the musician and DJ Jay Pennington (aka Rusty Lazer) and Delaney Martin, a visual artist and curator, in response to the unparalleled destruction of Hurricane Katrina.

They  recognized a need for new audiences who could support local artists as they rebuilt their city. Using an import/export model and a multi-disciplinary approach, the Airlift began to facilitate and create programming that took New Orleans’ art and its artists to far flung parts of the globe. In turn artists from abroad have been hosted in New Orleans for collaborative projects.

Today, the Airlift continues to create artistic programming for city artists using our successful import/export model. Our focus now is to celebrate and nourish the growth of an against-all-odds artistic renaissance that is currently flourishing in New Orleans – that same city that some people said would never come back.

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